Online Giving


Despite our tendency to shy away from the topic, nearly one quarter of Jesus’ teachings was about money. Money is morally neutral, but what we do with our money reveals something much deeper – whats in our hearts (Matthew 6:21). Our goal is neither prosperity or poverty, but rather the stewardship of what we’ve been given. God is the creator and owner of everything, and we are merely stewards of his things (1 Chronicles 29:14). The appropriate response in light of what Jesus has done for us, through His death on the cross and His Resurrection, is to give our entire lives as a living sacrifice – which includes our finances (Romans 12:1). Thus, what we give back to God through the local church, should be a set aside amount of money or a percentage of money, given as an act of worship; intentionally, joyfully, sacrificially and generously.




If you wish to designate a contribution to a specific person please note that although Netcast Church will make every effort to honor the contribution designation of the donor, contributions become the property of Netcast Church, and the church has the discretion to determine how to best use contributions to carry out its functions and purposes. Such control of the funds by the church is required to ensure that they will be used to carry out its functions and purposes, and to ensure donors’ contributions satisfy requirements for tax-deductibility. Thank you for your understanding and generosity!