Matt & Beth Chewning

In 2007 Matt and Beth Chewning had a vision to reach Greater Boston by planting a gospel centered church that is authentic and relevant to today’s culture. In 2010, Matt and his family left the financial security of corporate America to move to the North Shore of Boston and start Netcast Church.


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Recent Posts By Matt

A Fire for Jesus

Revelation 2 and 3 contain some of the richest words that Jesus ever spoke concerning…

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In Light of Recent Horrors

Dear Netcast, In the wake of the crazy aftermath of the past week (or past…

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Dark grey clouds

8 Reasons To Come To Netcast This Easter

Since we’re only a few days away from Easter Sunday, I figured I would write…

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Recent Posts By Beth

Pink background with text: Day 16, working through the problems of porn

Day 16: Working Through the Problems of Porn

Although I wouldn’t consider myself sheltered as a child, I was probably a little naive…

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Orange background with text: Day 15, Overcoming Sexual Abuse

Day 15: Overcoming Sexual Abuse

When Matt and I started Netcast, we could never have imagined having to hear of all the…

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Green background with text: Day 14, letting go of past sexual sin

Day 14: Letting Go of Past Sexual Sin

If you walked into our basement today, you would see a disaster!  Clothes everywhere, cushions…

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